Sunday, July 18, 2010

Swim Ranch Lesson #1

On our way to swim ranch.....don't we look happy!

Reed and Daddy waiting for his lesson to start!

Now it's time to sit on the side of the pool.....started off okay but later got really fussy until he got in!

Swimming in a circle...

Learning a new to get in and out of the pool. He really liked this part!

Kick, Kick, Kick....he liked this part pretty good too!

Floating on his back...he didn't care for this part much as you can tell.

Floating in the ring....didn't last very long

And the best part.....he got a toy alligator for a surprise at the end!!!

Reed took his first swimming lesson at Swim Ranch this Saturday. He did pretty good since it was his very first time. I was a little worried in the very beginning when they told us to sit on the side of the pool.....and he started fussing wanting to get in. I thought....this is going to be a very long hour. Once we got in the pool, he was better. He still fussed during certain skills such as floating on his back. He did enjoy kicking though. Overall, he did good! I was proud of my little swimmer! We will practice blowing bubbles and getting out of the pool on our own this week. Maybe he will like it more each time! Here are some pictures of our first lesson.

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  1. "Kick, kick, kick!" How cute could that be?! Swimming lessons should really be given as early as possible, so that the kids can learn the skill easier. Plus, it's one of the best ways for parent-children bonding. Reed must have been enjoying all the floating and swimming!