Saturday, March 27, 2010

Spencer's 1st Birthday Party!!!

I will have to say today was a fun filled day for Reed!!! We met my sister for lunch, went shopping for Easter outfits, came home to take a little nap, and went to a fun birthday party for little miss Spencer who turned 1!!! Reed had a blast!!! I don't think he ever sat down from about 5:00-7:00! He was BUSY! I am exhausted now!Amber did a wonderful job with the birdie decorations! The birthday cake was adorable too;) My hubby was taking pictures with his new camera and kind of forgot to get a pic of Spencer eating her birthday cake! Amber's sister made a beautiful banner too that he did not get a picture of either! Oh, well....he did get some great pics! To sum it up.......Today was a great day!;)


  1. The pictures of my little Reed are adorable. He is so sweet and full of energy! I can't believe Spencer is already a year old. She is so cute and petite. It looks like Reed had fun at the party! I love watching my little grandson grow. He is changing every better not blink! I love you all.
    Mom "Nana"

  2. Great pics. Thank you so much for coming. We will have to get together more often.