Sunday, March 21, 2010

All BOY!!

I will have to say my little man is for sure.....all boy!! He likes to play rough, be loud, and push little girls around. Yes, I know I feel so sorry for all those little girls at his day care. He has gotten in trouble for being.... as the daycares call it...." A little rough with the girls." He also likes to bite. What am I going to do about this??? I tell him no when he does it to me or daddy at home. I also try to redirect him to something else or put a pacy in his mouth. Sometimes when I say "NO NO Reed", he just looks at me and smiles and thinks it is funny. Other times he starts crying. I am at a lost. It seems like every week I have to sign incident reports at daycare for his rough behavior. If any of you moms out there have any good advice on this, please let me know!!! I love my little man and really feel like he is actually sometimes trying to love when he bites. We just need to let him know this is not okay behavior.

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