Sunday, June 23, 2013

My baby boy.......Growing up too fast!

It is so hard to believe 6 months has come and gone like THAT!!!!! well almost.....on June 28th Drake Hunter will be 6 months.....HALF A YEAR OLD!!!!!! SO crazy how time really flies!!! I can honestly say I have cherished every single day with him;) He is my little ray of sunshine and has added even more joy to our family!!! Here are a few things he is up to lately: He is developing a routine somewhat.....(if I could just get hime to SLEEP thru the night!!!) We are working on that;) He started eating baby food....Morning time: rice cereal with fruit lunch: vegetable/fruit dinner: vegetable/fruit with mommy's milk (of course) about every 3-4 hrs in between He is sitting up with support from the boppy;) He loves his new highchair He has 2 teeth which he has had for 4 months.....SERIOUSLY! My kiddos cut their teeth SO early! He loves to coo and giggle when I tickle him under his chin and tummy!!! SO cute! He Loves his (chewy) GIRAFFE!!! WE are in the process of naming him because he is SOOOOOOO Special to him;) He loves to be cuddled but will fight his sleep at night unless he is just really worn out! It is getting a little easier because he is finally getting full on milk and baby food or maybe just tired after playing more during the day. He LOVES his Big Brother and Big SiS SOOOOOOOOO MUCH and they entertain him CONSTANTLY!!!! SO FUN TO WATCH THEM PLAY!!! They adore him too;) He smiles all the time and is such a HAPPY BABY LOVES HIS BATH He wears a size 2 diaper and 6-9 months clothes.....he weighs about 15 lbs and is very long.....can't exactly remember his height?! He LOVES to ride in the car with mommy........usually it's like a tranquilizer for him;) WE are always on the he has just been very used to being on the GO I LOVE HIM TO THE MOON AND BACK AND LOOK FORWARD TO WATCHING HIM GROW!!!!!

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