Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas with Lollie and Big Daddy!

We had a wonderful Christmas with Lollie, Big daddy, and Uncle Chase this year. Big Daddy made us all omlets for breakfast. They were yummy! We opened presents and enjoyed being together as a family. Reed loved all of his toys!

Big Daddy and Reed

Uncle Chase holding Anna Grace

Big Daddy cooking our breakfast omlets....yummy!

Our little Christmas bundle of JOY!

Reed drawing on his new dry erase board! He LOVES it!

Big Daddy giving Anna Grace some sweet love!

I just love her sweet little dimple:)

Lollie helping Reed open presents...

Reed got a rocking horse from his Lollie and Big Daddy.....he loved it...it made rocking and horse sounds...pretty cute;)

Reed and Anna Grace had a big time this Christmas! They both were WORN out after we left Nana and Pops house on Sunday. It made it nice for momma and daddy. We could actually listen to music instead of Elmo, Barney, and Mickey Mouse!

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