Sunday, July 5, 2009

Isabella and Reed at Fun City!

My parents came up for July 4th weekend and Lindsay and I decided to take the kiddos to Fun City. I wasn't sure how Reed would do there because he is still too little for everything but he LOVED it! Isabella wanted to ride all of the rides and she wanted Reed to get on with her. It was so funny watching them together. Reed also enjoyed watching all of the kids running around and the lights on all of the games. They had a blast but not as much fun as we did... I think the adults had more fun playing ski ball and shooting hoops and seeing who could win Isabella the most tickets. We would play and Isabella would wait for the tickets to come out. After it was all said and done she won a balloon, candy necklace, and a sucker for a total of 180 tickets.....WOW..what a way to lose your money! Oh Well, we had fun doing it! Enjoy the pics!

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