Monday, November 28, 2011

Daddy's girl;)

Anna Grace LOVES her daddy so much!!! I guess I will have to admit "da-da" was her FIRST word....and she has it down pat now! She says "dad-dy!!" She has always had a special bond with him since she was born and it is so SWEET! She smiles so big when he walks in the room and there is not much more that I need to make me happy than that:) I will try to attach a video of her looking for him when he was away hunting. It just melts my heart;) She is definitely daddy's girl!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Decorating early!

I decided to start decorating early since Cody was duck hunting this weekend. I made sure he got all of our Christmas stuff down from the attic before he left! We have had some very relaxing days at home since I have been off work. It has been really nice to not have to get ready to go anywhere! I decided after naps this afternoon, we would make a trip to Oops in Tonitown. Well, I loaded up the double stroller and took the kiddos shopping! I was on a mission to find some deco mesh for my tree! They have some really fun stuff;) We started decorating tonight but will start on our big tree tomorrow morning! Here are a few pics of Reed decorating his tree:) Anna Grace was already asleep so she can see it in the morning!;)


I found Reed playing in the baby powder the other morning! lol! He really pays attention to what I do in the pour some baby powder in my hair to cover up my roots! He was covered in it after he was done! He makes me laugh so much!!!

Playing in the basket of toys!!!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Happy 1st Birthday Anna Grace!!!

I cannot believe my baby girl is almost a year old!!! Time flies so fast!!! Her actual birthday is Monday, Nov 21st, but due to Thanksgiving and duck season, we celebrated early!!! We had a very small party for her which I highly recommend for a 1st birthday! It was a lot less stressful than Reed's! She got a kitchen and a baby stroller with a baby and some cute new clothes! She had so much fun playing with all of her new toys!!! She is taking lots of steps and will be walking any day now! She has added so much joy to our lives and she and Reed love each other so much! They have started playing together better and he makes her laugh!!! It is so fun having a boy and a girl and seeing how different their personalities are! Cody and I are truly blessed with such a sweet little family:) Happy 1st Birthday baby girl!!! We love you so much!!!